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cute dachshund puppies


  • Why Crate Train and How To Do It?
    Crate training has many benefits. The initial training can be challenging, but the benefits derived from having your new puppy used to being in their crate for naps and overnight are well worth the effort. Please note that this is our personal opinion and feedback from others. Start with a crate that you have made nice and cozy with a small cuddly toy and a blanket draped over it to offer a darker space, too, in a quiet corner of the room. When beginning this training, please ensure that you have a tired puppy you've interacted with and now wants sleep, not one keen to play and not ready for a nap. Once your puppy is sleepy and ready to rest, pop them in their crate with a small treat. They will likely cry, and this is normal, and remember it is safe in its crate. Try to wait for the puppy to quiet down and nod off. Some people think this is mean; however, they liken it to us putting our babies into a cot and allowing them time to drift off to sleep. Patience and perseverance are key. Crate training offers your new puppy a safe space when you have to go out or when they need quiet time or nap time; you'll find they will put themselves to bed and feel calm and relaxed, just like we did as kids in our bedrooms. It's also portable; when you go on trips, you can take their safe space with you. This also helps with any anxiety; it's beneficial in many ways.
  • Raw Diet? Yes or No?
    Dogs love raw food, and it can offer variety to their diet. We caution anyone wanting to start their puppies on raw diet food and wouldn't recommend it to young puppies because of their higher nutritional needs. When feeding raw diet only, you have to be cautious about things such as Salmonella and Campylobacter, illnesses caused by the bacteria in raw food – like chicken. Feeding a little in with good quality kibble is an excellent way to give them variety, but when choosing the best diet and deciding if a Raw Diet is best, please do a lot of research as you have to ensure that you are meeting all of your dog's nutritional needs. You have to consider adding fruit and veggies, and this leads to which fruit and veggies are safe to give your dogs, as not all are safe; you need to be very careful. Raw food does have its benefits; we urge proper research before going down this road.
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