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happy dachshund puppies in blankets


welcome, i'm kelly

My lovely Mum told me that when I was just a little girl, I said, “When I grow up, I’m going to have a house full of animals.” such was my love for them.  😉  

I have a fantastic husband who shares my love of animals, and together, we established what is now a popular busy Boarding Kennels.


I am a Member of The Master Dog Breeders & Associates (MDBA) and have achieved a Certificate in Canine Breeding with The Master Dog Breeders & Associates (MDBA).

I am passionate about researching and understanding canine genetics within our breed, the Dachshund, which is a continuously developing area. 


My husband runs our family business (on our property) and is always on hand to help with our Dachshunds. He is an avid surfer and can often be on the beach with the kids, walking the dogs. Dean is known in the greater community as “The Dog Man.” Our daughters are home-schooled and love having a home filled with pets; they have cockatiels, three cats and our gorgeous dachshunds. There is never a dull moment in our household.

dachshund laying in the sun.

our pack

Our Dashies are a part of our busy household; without them, our house would feel empty. We provide a safe environment where they have ramps to access the outdoor areas and comfy beds throughout our living spaces.

On our quest to produce sound cream lines, a lot of time, homework and forging lifetime connections and friendships with breeders abroad has been so rewarding. We have been able to import our beloved dogs from America and Australia. 

The investment of time and care in doing this has been an incredible journey, enriching our lives and creating a breeding programme that is now reflective of that work.
We are GST Registered and offer Agreements to Purchase for peace of mind to our families.  And 6 weeks free pet insurance with Pet Cover.


The families that welcome a Pawprints Puppy into their lives have a lifetime of support from us and we love sharing the photos and updates of their babies into adulthood.

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