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beautiful dachshund in sun




These curious little dogs were bred for hunting, to go down holes in search of the enemy – such as badgers. They love to race around off lead and chase small mammals like rabbits, this would be a Dachshund in his or her element.  Which is not always practical or possible, so even though they have little leggies they benefit from daily walks and mental stimulation.

Dachshunds are unwavering with their drive to protect their family with a passion.  Sometimes this can lead to them being somewhat over zealous and result in some barking bravado.  But its all about ensuring their pack, being their human family are safe and protected.

A high quality diet with added supplements for joint health, safe bones to gnaw on for healthy teeth and maybe some chicken necks or feet for treats will keep your wee mate happy and thriving.

They can be shy or stand offish with strangers but ensuring they are well socialised with their 4-legged counterparts and taught to be receptive to meeting new humans and visitors to the house is always beneficial.

Providing steps or ramps to help your pal up and down off furniture such as your bed or the couch goes a long way to mitigating any potential or predisposition to back or spine issues as does a healthy diet, although it can be genetic.

The Dachshund is a brave, little dog with a big personality that is infectious, and they always do extremely well when there is another dog in the household particularly if it’s another Dashie.

Our Dachshunds come from beautiful healthy lines and are Papered Pedigrees, registered with Master Dog Breeders & Associates

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